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The miniature horse is the horse for everyone, young and old.

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The mini is a working breed.  They were bred to work the mines. The coal mine cross shafts  are 38” tall.  The horse had to haul the coal carts through those shafts.  Because of that the American Miniature established a register up to to 34” tall.  There are other registries; one is the American Miniature Horse Registry which registers horse up to 38” tall.  

There are many clubs and activities available for both registries.  Even if your mini is not registered don’t feel left out, there are still clubs and activities available for you and yours.  Your horses can also be registered more than once and in some of the larger horse registries.

Registered or not your mini will bring a lot of joy to your life.  They have a variety of personalities.  There are a variety of body types and colors.  Whatever your fantasy you can probably find a match.  Just remember when you are searching for a horse of your own take some time to decide what you want to do with him.  The mini is not a pet, he is a horse and they all do better with a job.  So what are you interested in:  yard horse, companion, show, community work, used as a training (people) horse, driving, drill team, roster, family all around, jumping, team hauling, trick horse, and ………….

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