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Dawg House Ranch
Santa Fe, NM

Heart Horses

In Memory of Our Miniature Horses

We love all of our horses but a few are what we call heart horses.
 These are the very special ones.
Mikindas Chocolate Soilder
Sarg Sarg  

Sarg was also a great dad. With the boys he would keep excellent discipline. The boys would cross the line and Dad you let them know. When they crossed the line again he would lay them down. If they would do it again he would lay them down and keep them there until they gave dominance. Being Sarg babies you know they would have to try it all over a few weeks later. With the girls he was much more gentle. They did have to mind their manners but I never saw him get rough with them.

I met Sarg first in a corral by himself jumping chamisa as tall as he was. I had volunteered to help his owners in order to learn more about the miniature horse.

Three turns around the area was all it took to halter train him. From then on when you were teaching him 3 was the number. He would do it three times to show you he had it. That's all! Years later my husband was asking him for something and got frustrated and worked him way over the limit of 3. On the way back to his pen Sarg just reached over and very calmly leaned into him and bite his leg. That's all! They both know why that happened.

He knew when we went into a show ring. The head would come up, knees almost touching his chin. He was on. He didn't believe in breaking a sweat but he sure put on a show and would go forever.

His babies were all born with fire. When we started bring in other Stallions we had to call the vet because all of the "other" babies took longer to get up, longer to start playing, etc. Come to find out they were all fine. We were just use to his babies being so special. One colt stood up after about 20 minutes and did not lay down for about 8 hours. Guess how that one got the name "The Attitude Dude". All of Sarg's babies and many of his grandbabies show the fire.

Just For Fun
Blue Blue Blue


We went to Albuquerque and bought our first horse.  By the time we go home my husband call the folks back and told them to put the other horse in the trailer.  That was Blue.  We knew nothing and Blue knew everything, thank goodness!

The first time we hitched him up it took hours.  The new harness had come in a box in pieces.  We took him to a driving clinic.  At the end of the clinic some older gentlemen came up and said it might work better if you did it this way.  We had had all the pieces in the wrong place but he still did what we asked him.

He would come up on the porch and quietly kick on the front door to get Bill to give him a cookie and if that did not work he just might come on it.