Herd sire

Dawg House Ranch
Santa Fe, NM


Miniature Stallions

If you are experienced this, horse will give you the spice. But you must have special fencing and you must know how to keep them, yourself and others safe in breeding season.


Magnificent Pleasures Mini Oreo


30 3/4"


Stallion Facts

Most stallions live in isolation which makes them frustrated and hard to control.

Letting your stallion live with other horses, mares in the summer, other males in the winter, and of course with their children creates a happy stallion and one much easier to handle.


Stallion and Foals

Stallions do know their own foals. They protect and teach.

The stallion teaches play (different for boys and girls). He also demands respect and teaches them to follow rules. He is in charge of the socialization.



Handling foals that have been trained by their father is so much easier because they have been taught manners!
Oreo Uno

Oreo Uno



Oreo Uno