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Dawg House Ranch
Santa Fe, NM


Miniature Horse Mares

Mares are calmer than stallions but their personalities can change according to the time of the month. They are use to ruling the herd and they can end up ruling you if you don't pay attention.





The Mares

Mares are the managers of the herd.  The Lead Mare makes all of the decisions, even to the point of who gets to breed with the stallion.  She even keeps the stallion away from a mare that is not to be bred that year.

She has the babies, cares for them, watches over them but she is not a good teacher.  The teacher is the stallion.

Mares and Foaling

Miniature mares have a harder time foaling than a big horse.  When the horse shrank down all parts did not shrink at the same rate.  A miniature foal is bigger in relation to the mother than a big horse is.  Therefore you have more birthing problems.  The rate of the babies coming backwards is far higher.  There are more times that you need to help the baby break the sack so he can breathe.

If you are going to breed your mare have on hand a “foal watch” pager that tells you when the mare lays down and or a camera that you can watch from your house.  Too much “watching” in person can cause the mare to stop delivery, the baby gets too big and them you have a c section on your hands.

Read “Blessed are the Brood Mares.”



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