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Santa Fe, NM

What is under the mini hair?

Grooming Your Miniature Horse


A healthy horse is slick and shinny with nothing more than a good brushing.

Grooming should be pleasurable time for you and your horse. If it isn't, find their favorate spot and work on it until they relax and move on to another part of the body. If they say absolutely "no" you can not do my feet, ears, mouth, face, etc. then that is your next training goal.

Tools You Will Need:

Curry Comb - for loosing the dirt at the skin level.

Hoof Pick - for cleaning out their feet.

Pin Dog Brush - for brushing the mane and tale.

Grooming Brush - for removing dust and loose hair.

Shedding Blade - for removing old hair, using the other side to remove water.

Items You will Want Later:

Clippers - used for briddle paths to full body clips.

Items It Would Be Nice To Have:

Rainbow Vacumn Cleaner - picks up hair, dirt, and water.